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Hocking River String Band

"Their lyrics fall on the ear as gently as a snowflake upon a frozen river, yet their sound impales your soul and takes control of you body.   The banjo tings, Dobro twangs, the guitar takes the lead, the fiddle sings a lullaby and all while the mandolin and standup bass keep expert time.   One could label the Hocking River String Band as bluegrass, with standard song structures and break formats, and could easily guess that many of the band members have rock and roll roots, but to define them as anything other than a "Great Live Band" would be simultaneously painting them into a corner and selling them short.   Two years in existence and now two full length albums in, Hocking River has established themselves as a serious player in Ohio's ever growing roots scene.  That being said, the truth remains that on any given weekend you are as likely to find them playing music around a campfire in the Hocking Hills as you are to see them on stage in Columbus or points beyond.  A band that never takes themselves too seriously, with Skillful instrumentals, powerful songwriting, and performances that allow the concert goer to loose their selves in joy......this is the Hocking River String Band."

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