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My Brother The Bear w/ The Great Wide Open

My Brother The Bear

"My Brother the Bear’s music arrives with a flourish and a flair and touch of whimsy. Songwriter Daniel Bayer takes the carousel of adventures that is his life story and shapes them into memorable, melody driven songs at home both in large auditoriums and country back porches.

After the release of his first album Universe in 2003, Bayer took his music to the streets of his home town Cincinnati, Ohio. After two years of varied success, Bayer became dissatisfied with his direction and opted to create major change in his writing.

In 2005 Bayer embarked on one of the most unusual cures for writer’s block ever fashioned, he joined the US Army. Inspired by his favorite authors in literature, Bayer left his home and saw the world from the eyes of a soldier. After six years of service, Bayer finally settled in Huntsville, Alabama and began to write songs about his experiences during his time in the south and parts overseas. Emotionally driven lyrics and low-country inspired melodies drive Bayer’s songwriting to new heights of interest and accessibility.

Currently based out of Cincinnati, OH, Bayer presents his music as a “one man show.” He performs his songs on guitar, while pounding out rhythms on a small 18ʺ″ foot drum. Coupled with his eloquent and honest vocals and roaring harmonica, Bayer’s new direction is both riveting and intimate."

The Great Wide Open

Genre: Americana Folk

Band Members

Jake Sims - Guitar/Vocals/Percussion

Travis Runyon - Banjo/Vocals/Percussion/Harmonica

Ben Rorrer - Bass/Vocals/Percussion

Hometown: South Vienna, OH

Short Description: Midwest Americana Folk

Long Description: Simple music about finding what's real in life, and the people that change us forever.

Welcome to The Great Wide Open.

Earlier Event: February 27
DJ Jon Schobelock